Turmoil in the Houses

For the past thousand years the power of the dragonmarks has been a constant influence on the lives of all those within the five nations. Recently some of those born to the dragonmarked houses have seen a dramatic increase in power. Many dragonmark heirs have yet to discover the upper limit of their power and these changes are the cause of many new power struggles which are shaking the very foundations of the dragonmark houses. Is this what the dragons fear, a culmination of the draconic prophecy manifesting in the lesser races? Or is it merely another step in the long process of revelation? Only time, and perhaps the intervention of heroes, will tell.

The Warring Tarkanans

Just as some of those who bear the true marks are manifesting greater and greater powers, so too are those who some believe bear the blessing of Khyber. Some with aberrant marks are increasing in power as well, possibly even reaching powers not seen since Lord Halas and the Lady of Plague sundered Sharn and left it a smoking ruin. Two new forces among those with aberrant marks have risen, both claiming the name House Tarkanan. One group, widely believed to be a criminal organization, and another, whose stated goal is to unite the aberrants and end fifteen hundred years of fear and discrimination. They are bitter rivals, one seeking merely power and the other acceptance.

Eberron: Dragonmarks Ascending